APRIL 1 – APRIL 30: Earth Month supporting clean water.

APRIL 19: Photoshoot for all team members will be held at the Scarborough salon from 10:00 to 2:30.

APRIL 21 – May 8: Mother's Day, 20% off all body care.


Time off requests must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to requested date(s). 

Please see employee manual for time off policy.

LEARN AVEDA is a mobile app we encourage all New Talent Stylists to register for. 

Used by industry leaders, the app is a technical training tool that allows you to take step-by-step lessons in a self-paced environment. You now have access to unlimited resources 24/7.

Course content includes:

  • Product knowledge
  • Styling tips and techniques
  • Cutting and coloring courses
  • Service cycle and rituals
  • Guides, games and more


The Learn Aveda app is paid for by Acapello Salons and we highly encourage all staff to participate. Submit a request to access Learn Aveda below.

LEVELS indicate your demand and expertise as an Acapello stylist. As you raise your prices, you must be prepared to own your new pricing. You must also be prepared to earn you new pricing.

Below is an exercise demonstrating how a price increase can accelerate your income.

EXERCISE: Assume you’re a Level 1 and you average 10 haircuts per week. 

10 cuts x $45 = $450/week

Now, if you did $450 in haircuts every week for one year, you would generate $23,400 per year.  

$450 x 52 = $23,400/year

Now let’s see how 10 cuts per week with a $5 price increase adds tremendous value to your earnings. 


Assume you're Level 1 and average 10 haircuts per week.

10 cuts x $45 = $450/week

If you did $450 in haircuts every week for one year, you would generate $23,400 per year.

$450 x 52 = $23,400/year

Now, let's see how 10 haircuts per week with a $5 price increase adds tremendous value to your earnings.

LEVEL 1 – 10 x $450 
LEVEL 2 – 10 x $500
LEVEL 3 – 10 x $550
LEVEL 4 – 10 x $600
LEVEL 5 – 10 x $650
LEVEL 6 – 10 x $700

As a Level 6 stylist, you would generate $13,000 more per year than a Level 1 stylist.

Doing the same amount of work. 10 haircuts.


If you feel confident in your technical ability, service cycle, retention and productivity, you may qualify for a price increase. Use the form below to schedule goal setting, request a meeting with your mentor or speak with marketing. 

MARKETING From business cards and mirror talkers to referral cards and social media, you can accelerate your growth with the right strategies. Use the form below to request resources for you or your location.

Use the form below at any time to update your bio. Strong bio pages increase likability and influence new guests to book with you. Please email your best photo to [email protected].